Steam a Seam 2 Fusible 12" Wide - Per Yard

  • Steam-A-Seam 2 has a pressure sensitive adhesive that allows for a temporary hold to your materials. There is no pressing until your entire appliqué is in place. This makes the web sticky and repositionable for easy placement of your appliqué giving you the ability to play with your design before permanently ironing.

    You'll never make a mistake - the last step is to fuse when everything is perfectly in its place!

    Once fused:

    • Bond is strong and permanent
    • Machine wash and dry or dry-clean; we do not recommend drying with a dryer sheet
    • Leave edges unfinished; will not fray or lift
    • Will not gum up your needle if you choose to stitch through it
    12" WIDE
    Multiples will be cut in one piece

    Technical Specifications

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